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Bestqool Pro Series Redefines the Standard of Red Light Therapy Devices: Cutting-Edge Technology Undergone the Third-party Laboratory Diagnostic Testing

2024/7/9 21:15:29

NEW YORK, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Bestqool, as one of the industry's top makers of innovative red light therapy devices for over six years, in recent months proactively sent their Pro Series devices to LightLab International Allentown LLC, a reputable third-party laboratory in the US. Bestqool emphasizes the authenticity and reliability of its devices and has acquired a place among the trusted brands in this arena by prioritizing the development of high-quality equipment over manufacturing inferior products.

Introduction to Bestqool Pro Series

In the Pro Series, Bestqool continues its mission to provide only the highest-quality third-party lab-tested red light therapy solutions to its growing and diverse audience. Bestqool's devices are engineered with unique designs and characteristics not found in any other devices. From the wellness enthusiast to the fitness professional, the Pro Series devices are suitable for a wide range of users.

Jacob, CEO of Bestqool, added, "Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction enables us to upgrade and increase our product line continuously. We are excited about what the future holds for us, including even more innovative features to further answer evolving customer needs. We want to be a frontrunner in the red light therapy industry by introducing state-of-the-art technologies that enhance user experience and produce superior therapeutic benefits."

Pro300 Device Highlight



Four Wavelengths

630 nm, 660 nm, 850 nm and 940 nm for optimum benefits

Power Output

High power output (500 W) for effective treatment


High irradiance levels (91mW/cm2 @ 3") for deeper penetration

Treatment Area

The target-wide area offers comprehensive therapy

Spliceable Design

Enlarge the light coverage with two assembled Pro300s and move easily with an adjustable stand


Aluminum alloy materials and high-quality LEDs for durable design

Comprehensive overview of the health benefits of using the Pro300

A Pro300 unit comprises the complete range of benefits for an overall wellness regimen. It offers an excellent opportunity to promote better skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines using high-tech red light and stimulating collagen production. One feels the reduction of muscle soreness and the accelerated recovery of torn muscle fibers after exercising.

The Pro300 also efficiently relieves painful conditions, illnesses, and inflammation. Both the primary and clinical studies have found that red light therapy improves cellular activity and energy, enhancing a healthier and more vital life. Users have found their energy boosted, better sleep quality, and great general rejuvenation after a session.

In addition, Pro300 improves mental health by providing relaxation and reducing stress. It improves the immune system functioning through the blood circulatory system, and due to more oxygen being supplied to the skin because of vasodilation from the therapy, it accelerates cutaneous healing. In combination, these benefits make the Pro300 an essential device for anyone hoping to gain control of their health and take full rein on red light therapy.

When Pro300 is incorporated into one's life, users find it as an all-rounded health package—body and mind—relaxation tool.

Pro300 users state that they have seen their health improving a lot over time. The case studies provide several success stories where individuals have seen a reduction in pain, reduced recovery times, and many general improvements in well-being. 

Bestqool Pro300 Device Hanging on The Door
Bestqool Pro300 Device Hanging on The Door

Market Impact and Availability

The Pro Series, led by the Pro300, is about to raise the bar in what consumers can expect from wellness products: providing health enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals with effective, reliable therapeutic solutions.

Available on the Bestqool official website, as well as all significant e-tailers such as Amazon, the Pro300 makes red light therapy available to a worldwide audience that seeks only the best.

It is competitively priced, reflecting state-of-the-art technology and high quality; hence, Pro300 ensures a device is affordable for customers without compromising its effectiveness. This has further been expounded such that its availability on well-respected platforms creates the unavoidable urge in customers to purchase and experience the revolutionary benefits of red light therapy.

Where to Buy

You can buy Pro300 from either Bestqool Official website or through Amazon

Additional information including other red light therapy product images, reviews, the third-party report, red light therapy blogs and the industry latest trends can be found at

About Bestqool 

Buoyed with the belief that one can always do better, Bestqool pursues this vision of customer satisfaction through excellence in novel innovation. Bestqool's R&D team is committed to creating a healthier world and will use advanced technology and scientific research for effective and reliable red light solutions.

As one member of Bestqool's R&D team said, "At Bestqool, we take quality and reliability seriously in everything we do. High-quality standards and working together with industry leaders help us innovate in a way that our devices meet essential performance and safety standards. Our dealings with our customers and being innovative in every area of responsibility make Bestqool an incredibly trusted name in the community of red light therapy."

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